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Soundfont "mixer" program?

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Does there exist a program that I can use to convert midi files to MP3 and designate which tracks should use what soundfont? I have four soundfonts in total (Chorium, AirFont, FluidR and SGM) and for a new song that I've just finished, I'm trying to get the best sounds out of of the latter three through this arduous process:

1) Save three copies of the original midi.
2) Have just the main tune in one midi, just the drums in another, and just the secondary percussion in the third.
3) Convert each midi to MP3 using a different soundfont (FluidR for the main tune, SGM for the drums and AirFont for the secondary percussion).
4) Merge all three together in Audacity and export it as a single stereo channel MP3.

I recall using a program (that I downloaded) that could render (or at least play) a MIDI using multiple soundfonts, and that you could allocate certain tracks or perhaps even notes to a specific soundfont. I don't think I've still got it, though. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

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For some reason, the first thing to come to mind is to convert it to an Impulse Tracker module using ModPlug Tracker, get the instruments out of your soundfonts somehow (I know MPT can pull instruments from the GM.DLS bank, not sure if it supports soundfonts or if you'll need to extract them manually), and then tweak the song from there. Unfortunately, MPT isn't the most accurate thing in the world, tending to screw up the rhythm sometimes.

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