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banned from zdaemon... for failed logins.

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hey, im new here, and i need some help.

i forgot the password to my account on zdaemon, so i tried to guess it. eventually it said "cant connect to master server". turns out that im on the master banlist now. so heres my problem...

im trying to get in contact with raider or kilgore so i can get this ban lifted, but i cant. i cant get on #zdaemon cause im banned, other irc clients dont work for me, i cant get on the forums cause i dont got an account, and to make one you gotta go on #zdaemon, which im banned from, and i cant use email because they dont use email.

can anyone help?

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I'm guessing EarthQuake might be able to help. You could drop him a PM or an email in case he doesn't see this thread.

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