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Counter-Strike Source only $5.00 on Steam this weekend.

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Heh, if I only I had money I could actually spare... :P

I was thinking of just getting the whole Counter-Strike pack during the annual Christmas sale anyway, so I'll pass on this.

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Craigs said:

Change it to $2 and I might consider it.

2$ for a whole weekend? They did that with TF2 for about an hour though. The game is worth more then the original asking price of 19.99$ and you really should consider it in my opinion.

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Yeah, I love CSS. I personally think it's better than those before it, although maaaany will disagree with me. One of my favorite games of all time, I might just buy this game again. [/Joke]

Highly Recommended.

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Damn you Steam, stop tempting me into spending money. I think I'll pass on this, though. I've always been more of a Team Fortress fan. Screw "realistic" combat.

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