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HUD Not showing up

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Hey all, for some reason my HUD is not showing up, i'm currently using one my friend sent me that he made, but i've tried the normal one, it was on for a while, but then something happened and it's now gone, i've tried the "-" and "+" things but still nothing happens, does anyone have any ideas of why it doesn't appear and how i can fix this? Thanks

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The HUD in the game or in an editing tool?

I'm asking because you posted in Editing. If you mean in the game, tell us what engine you use (I'm guessing something ZDoom-based, from your previous posts) and we'll move the thread over to the source ports section.

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The HUD in the game.

I'm using skulltag (that is the engine right? Sorry if it's not im still kinda new) and I wasn't sure where exactly I should have posted this so I'll know next time I'm having porblems with something like this, so yeah, i mean the in-game hug and i'm using skulltag

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