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PrBoom Plus in OSX 10.5.8 PPC

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How do you get PrBoom Plus Launcher to see your wads. I have a folder under /Library/Application Support/ called PrBoom-plus having plutonia, doom 1, 2 and Tnt, but the launcher balks and won't let me launch it. Help me?

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Graf: The folder in Application Support is created by the Mac version of PrBoom-Plus itself, though; it's not something he arbitrarily put there.

I'm not booted into OS X at the moment so I can't check, but does it work if you just put Doom2.wad in the same folder as PrBoom-Plus itself?

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but I don't even know how to specify where the files are, no option in the launcher and I don't know how to access the config file, I just opened the dmg, copied the executable and then created the directory. Same with regular prboom, and just tried the no spaces trick. oddly enough, it didn't create a directory on its own

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