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Doom Weapon Graphics?

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Anyone know where I can find free Doom weapon graphics like those seen in various mods? I would like to replace some of the default weapons with newer ones. Any resources would be helpful.

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Also, you can check out the Doom Armory at DRDteam. Here's the 'resources' forum. There are TONS of weapon graphics here.

Resource Forum

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The Resources forum at ZDoom forums has more recent resources, and also Realm667 has an armory consisting of ready-made weapons (though I don't advise using them if you're just making a simple weapon mod, as that'll get you yelled at).

If you want weapons for a mapping project or total conversion, you can use the stuff out of my various weapon mods (they're on /idgames), but again, if you're just going to make a weapon patch out of them, don't bother, as that's kind of redundant.

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