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New Doom Shotgun?

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From the implements around it (a lot of plastic containers that look like they fit the bore, a soft mallet, a spray can etc.), this looks more like a Spud gun to me.

There were however giant bored black powder guns like this one (and bigger ones still) that were meant to hunt big game. They were more like handheld cannons, than rifles.

Ninja edit:

Then again, it could really be a 2-bore monstrosity like this one:

Whether it could take on a baron...well, the video says it shoots a total of 2500 grains of pellets, that's 162 grams. A standard 70mm, 12 gauge cartridge comes with 32-36 grams so this is like shooting 5 normal cartridges at once, assuming it has a comparable muzzle speed (near 400 m/s). So a baron would take 2 hits from this rifle, if it was loaded with the same pellets. THen again, the SSG shoots with the power of 3 carts using just 2, so this should actually shoot with the power of 7-8 carts....Still no one-shot kill for barons unless the rng is really fucked up badly ;-)

However anything below the archvile would surely die in one hit, with pellets to spare.

Ninja edit with REAL ULTIMATE POWER:

WTF?! The link you provided had another link that said that 2-bore rounds were 3500 gn = 227 grams or the equivalent of SEVEN 32-gram 12-bore cartridges. EXTRREEEEME!!11!!11!!

However digging through the links gave a muzzle energy (estimated of 12000 fpe, with 1200-1300 fps muzzle speed(nearly 400 m/s, quite close to a standard shotgun).

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Punt guns FTW

I have a dream to make my own GTA-like videogame set in my local area, which i want to "work my way up to" by making lots of simpler games to learn techniques (the very beginning - a basic taxi driving game, should be started over the Christmas holidays, by "started" i mean making a very basic 3-box car in Blender and getting it to drive in Unity). A punt gun will be going in that for hilariously unrealistic "BOOOOM 30 people just died" fun.

Erm, yeah, i might go and make a Doom punt gun in EDGE just for lulz now.

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