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Strife Deathmatch

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So, I have been playing through Strife, and I thought that it actually had some potential for deathmatch. Of course, the game levels are not set up for deathmatch. It -might- be fun to convert one...(maybe the original town)

Anyway, I am tooling around with the idea of making a strife dm map set. I have started a little test map, and it looks like it will work just fine. It's nice because the weapons are actually reasonably balanced, especially since the flamethrower and phosphorous grenades can get you killed easily, and the sigil uses your health. And yes I think the sigil belongs in deathmatch - it's not -that- powerful.

What I want to know is: Would you play it? I'm afraid not many people have strife to begin with. I wouldn't just want to rip all the weapons into doom because A) that's fucking lame and B) that's so lame. Strife has sweet textures anyway.

Even if nobody would play it I want to do this for my own fun. I suppose it would also be possible to use only shareware resources, but I don't know what weapons are included in the shareware.

Another question: Are there any special features you can think of that you think would be cool in a strife deathmatch? I would prefer to make it vanilla compatible, but I might use a port like skulltag. One thing I was considering was the teleport beacons. There are a few problems with them:

1. They don't appear in deathmatch mode. I only tried once so maybe there's a way around it

2. Although the rebels are properly aligned to the player that summoned them, you don't get a frag for when one of them kills someone. This could be OK.

3. Your opponents can't destroy your beacon. This would only take a simple change to make them shootable.

Also, if anyone would actually like to map or something, I wouldn't mind having someone help. I'm not the craziest mapper and my detail will be minimal so don't think you have to be amazing to join me :)

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strife is great. i've made 2 strife deathmatch maps a long time ago, but i think im going to use theese maps for a project of my own so sadly i can't give you them.

but this i can tell you, Strife Deathmatch rocks. the only thing that sucks a little is that stuff like the napalm grenades flames dont give you kills and stuff so the score board usually consists of players with alot of suicides :P

mapping for strife is reaaally fun, the textures are pretty awesome, and i love the fullbright pallette entries, makes lites look dead awesome in the dark, even for software users. but the textures can be pretty limited, there are kinda little textures to choose from and they dont fit together that well. you should make a texture pack for strife before you start making a big strife mapping project, after stronghold i was actually thinking of doing this.

heres some screens.

anyway good luck with this, as you can see i use plenty of zdoom features and such in the screenshots.

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I would love to see more Strife maps. I would definitely play it.

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Thanks for the replies;

I wonder if it would be possible to get around the napalm issue by re-creating it via decorate? Kind of like when barrels explode, the game tracks who caused the explosion. Hopefully this can be done, because I wouldn't want to simply not include napalm grenades.

I'll have to do some testing.

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yes, in skulltag you can make remake them with A_SpawnItemEx which has a flag for fixing this.

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