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I Fail at mapping so one question

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ok thisis like a speed post because i dont have much time b4 i have to go somewhere::**

ok , i made a map , dont ask about it its just a map, but it uses the first song from doom2's first level. the filename is different to the others doesnt begin with MAP##

how do i make the music read from a different filename instead of : D_RUNNIN

without overwriting any of the other maps or changing the filename of my current one. is it possable or will i have to overwrite a map and the song it loads?

i used ^XWE^ to make my lil map its not a pro map just i giant map full of space to make/spawn stuff.

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Why do I get the feeling you've added a map to the Doom 2 IWAD? :(

You might be able to make that work by using the E#M# map naming format and giving your midi track an appropriate name.

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haha im not that stupid to fuse a map etc with the IWAD files **

but im gunna try that doom 1 theroy thing ya got there :)

hmm that didnt work....

i guess i will just go with "U.O.D." idea

im gunna make the sound and map overtake a map that my server doesnt use :P. but tahnks anyway guys :)

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