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Don's Challenge 2

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I'm looking for an old wad called Don's Challenge 2. It's pretty much impossible to find online since the maker, Cory Whittle, had his site go down. Does anyone have it who's willing to share? Also, if anyone's interested, I have the full and demo versions of Don's Challenge 1.

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Arse, and i used to have it too. I can have a dig when my holidays start, but no gauruntees!

This is the sort of thing i was talking about in the "greatest moment" thread, about doom mod makers always taking brilliant stuff down because it "needs tweaks" (which take years/forever) after having it downloadable for 5 minutes. We ought to create a mirror for all of this stuff - thier demands be damned!

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Yeah, it'd be absolutely terrible if great old wads like this are lost forever, they need to be preserved. I hope you find DC2 :)

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