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List of Doom remixes?

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I'm not a fan of the OC Remix tracks, they're just vaguely Doom-inspired techno.

Dimaension X has made some really good Doom remixes, probably the best I've ever heard - http://dimaensionxblog.blogspot.com/

There is also someone who has posted a few YouTube videos of his remixes here recently, they are starting to get pretty good, have a look around or maybe he will post here.

Not really "remixes" but over at http://www.sycraft.org/ someone keeps good versions of the Doom soundtrack played with a fancy several-Gb soundfont. And LogicDeLuxe has a few FLAC torrents floating around of Doom played through a Roland Sound Canvas hardware synth, I have OGGs of these which auto-load with PrBoom instead of the original music.

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Super Jamie said:

I have OGGs of these which auto-load with PrBoom instead of the original music.

Interesting, the reason why I'm collecting these remixes is because I'm putting them all into one WAD to replace the MIDI versions (ZDoom). Guess you had the same idea, lol.

Thanks for the links too, I'm checking out the Dimaension X music right now, seems great.

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ZDoom has OPL emulation which is way better, I just use that in ZDoom, it's especially good for maps with custom MUS/MID music.

Of course, LDL's FLACs are great and in some ways superior to OPL emulation and even OPL hardware. It's also interesting to hear the songs exactly how Bobby Prince wrote them.

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Ven said:

Rapidshare is fail and I cannot download this anymore. Reupload to Speedyshare please?

For Doom-related stuff, I'd recommend DRD Team.

Don't use it to host unrelated files, but otherwise it's a great service. Contrarily to rapidshare and others, the file won't be deleted after a month, or if a ridiculously low quota of downloads is exceeded, and you don't have to wait in line or enter ridiculous captchas to get the files.

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