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Floor - ceiling swap

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Hello, here's what idea came into my head.

Similar to how linked portals help make the map more involved, allowing more features per area, how about another thing: make a special artifact or switch swap the floor with the ceiling, for the player, so he now walks on the ceiling, with the view upside down, textures and sprites flipped (or rotated) vertically, floors and ceilings treated opposite with respect to sector mechanics, and so on. Monsters walking on ceiling would be worth adding as well, so the player actually gets to benefit from becoming a ceiling walker.

This idea came to me as I was toying with upside down decoration hanging from ceiling.

Speaking of it, it wouldn't be bad seeing monsters walking on walls, at some point; maybe with that can the Spider Mastermind be upgraded.

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I'm not an Eternity developer myself, but I think it would be fair to assume their response to this would be "this would be way too much work for a silly gimmick".

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Pointless gimmick? Dunno. But doesn't it merely involve some numbers to be negated (gravity; rendering; plat movement...)? That's why I asked about it.

What about monsters walking on walls and ceilings, like insects? AFAIK a suitable flag is TELEPORT, but it makes them climb instantly. Maybe combine FLOAT with TELEPORT behaviour...

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