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Eternity now crashes

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On loading a PWAD containing only an EMAPINFO (for one map), an extradata lump (for one map), a GAMESCR, an OPTIONS lump, and several EDF lumps specifying custom things and sound sequences, the newer Eternity SVN builds (from #888 upwards) crash at startup.

I hope, for example, that OPTIONS isn't version dependent.

Edit: looking on the default Eternity.cfg for Doom2 (for example), the names and the descriptions are messed up once again.
Edit: I discarded the "Options" lump, but it still crashes.

Edit: Now this is something. I renamed all the relevant data lumps to nonsensical names, but upon loading the WAD, Eternity still crashes. The wad in question only contains text mode lumps. I also am able to recognize it very well with XWE, and Doom2.exe has no qualms about loading it, so I don't think it's corrupted.

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There's no need for that. I've just made a new file with XWE, and created a couple of irrelevant lumps, each filled with arbitrary content from my keyboard. Eternity crashes.

Apparently it crashes if I forget the .wad extension. Hm.

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I'm sorry but this is too garbled and inspecific for me to even get any sense out of it. Try to narrow down the cause of the crash, or I cannot help you. And please do not waste time trying to speculate on the cause of it. It's my job to figure that out.

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It crashes at startup if I try to load certain wads, without including at the command line the .wad extension.

Here's an example of a wad that crashes Eternity without me using .wad at the command line: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/19949631/e4m3spid.wad (don't try to actually play it; it requires certain resources).

But for example Alien Vendetta, or my own textures/sounds wad for a project do NOT crash Eternity.

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