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'chain speedmapping' saturday!

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I've sent this to both Doomworld and Doomcenter, but I'm putting it up here too, simply because I want to :)

The 4th NiGHTMARE Speedmapping session will take place on Saturday 19th January, in #zdoom on irc.openprojects.net, at 20:00 GMT.

This week is 'chain speedmapping', and because of this the session will last slightly longer than the usual 100 minutes.

The theme will be revealed on the day.

The chain speedmapping rules:

1) You'll work on a map for 25 minutes, and then pass it on to someone else. Who you pass it on to will be determined by the organiser.

2) You will, of course, recieve a map from someone else, and you should work on this new map for a further 25 minutes. After that time it'll be passed it on to a third person.

3) You'll work on this third map for another 25 minutes, and then pass it on to the fourth (and final) person.

4) The last 25 minutes will be spent working on the fourth map.

5) To ease confusion for everyone, your maps should use naming conventions. These will follow the format "mapXX-YY". xx is the map number (which will be assigned to you for your first map) and yy is the number of the person working on it (i.e. the map you work on will be 01, the second 02, and so on).

6) Each time maps are being passed on, the time will be paused until everyone has their new map.

7) All the usual rules (see the bottom of
http://haunt.8m.com/speedmapping.html) apply.

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BTW, I'm thinking of changing rule 6) to allow people time to quickly run through the level each time they get sent one. I'd like to hear other peoples' thoughts on this though.

And ta Derek =p

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