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Custom doom 2 map

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Well, this is my first attempt at a doom map, that im actualy going to finish. After making like hundreds of maps that I never finished I thought it would be time to make one i'd finish. It's a one map WAD and in my opinion is +- 70% done. It uses nmncorp 1 and 2 textures (those textures rock!) here are some screens:
and the unfinished wad:
(I'll add some other mirrors asap)
well, This is all I post at the moment. the name of the map is: *drumroll* The Digsite.
As you can see its a level mostly created using concrete, caves and lava. :P I hope you like it! I'll finish it soon! :P

oh and sorry for spelling mistakes etc. English is my second language.

EDIT: you need zdoom to use it, because it uses slopes and acs. (zdoom in hexen format)

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