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Drive Letter Problem

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I use Windows XP. A few days ago I attached a digital camera to my computer (for the first time) via USB cable to get some photos off of it. For some reason, this reassigned some drive letters. My external hard-drive, once K, is now L. A SD/etc. card drive is now K. I want to make my external hard-drive letter K once more, but I cannot select "K" using the drive management letter assignment tool because the SD card drive is now K. I cannot find any way to assign a different letter to the SD card drive. Hooking the camera back up to the computer did not result in a magical reversal of this phenomenon. Please help me, Doomworld.

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What bucket said. This should ideally remove the SD association from that drive letter, allowing to to reassign it. Then, hopefully, once you plug in the SD card and the drivers are re-installed it should stick

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I fixed the problem by inserting an SD card into the drive (for the first time ever), which made XP recognize it as a drive and allowed it to be renamed. XP certainly had no such requirement when it bafflingly reassigned drive letters earlier.

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