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Hell Revealed`ish WADs?

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Hey. Happy X-mas and all that.

This topic/question has probably been up several times, but...yeah.

What I`m looking for is WADs in the style of Hell Revealed and "the likes" (which you are gonna point me to, hopefully).

What I need/want is: somewhat hard ,to hard to very hard skill level. Boom compitable, no (G)ZDoom or any shit like that. Great detailing and "beautiful" maps are absolutely not a must, though I wont cry myself if its good looking, heh. "More focus on gameplay than looks". Megawads are preferred, but good single map wads (or fewer levels/episodes) are also ok.

I cant say I know any.

Ive tried Sunder, which was a bit too hard, and imo veeeery boring.
What about that "Journey To Hell" stuff? I always forgot to try it.
Uuuuuuh, yeah...anyone?

Is there anything in the making I should know about/follow?

Please help a somewhat noobis dude out

unholy hails

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If you are not afraid of map generators, Oblige can produce Hell Revealedesque style maps when it comes to monster quantity and difficulty

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Im not afraid of`em, I just...uuuuh, dont know..just havent tried :P

Gives a bit of a "warmer" feeling when you know someone has made the maps and thought out the gameplay and traps and item placement etc.
Actually, when I play man-made maps for the first time, I have a "feeling" that the maker of the map is watching me play over my shoulder, with a grin on his (hers?) face, just waiting for me walking into traps and stuff, lol. (So I have to play impressively the first time!, even more lol)

But hell...I`ll try Oblige.

thnx =)

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darkreaver said:

Cool :)

Just DL`d it, and Im gonna check it out at work tonight.

Doom - Reducing productivity since 1993.


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darkreaver said:

no (G)ZDoom or any shit like that.


Anyway, since I'm a masochist fan of this style as well, I keep a list with all those HR-ish wads. Here it goes (use the search function at idgames).

Deus Vult I/II
KamaSutra map 28 (last 3rd generally)
AV 26
HR2 32
HR 24
gladiatr.wad (map 29)
oneweek.wad map 11
No Brakes
Scythe 30
Scythe 2 last 3rd
Murderous Intent (intent.wad)
Erik Alm maps
Fragport map24
The Spire 1 / 2
Holy Hell
Tremor by Zarkyb
Vae Victus last map
cratnew.wad by Bejitas Wrath
Cybersky by Eternal
bbb.wad by Eternal
LongDays by Eternal
G_O_Evil by Eternal
Chaos Order by phml
bloodlst.wad by phml
Death Destiny's maps
Sunder by Insane Gazebo
Plutonia I/II map 32

Edit: forgot two classics: Seej.wad and Punisher.wad

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I made a list, woo hoo. :)

Agreed with all the wads listed - and there's some I don't know too, cool !

A few I haven't seen mentioned yet, off the top of my head :

tom19 by TimeOfDeath (the wad is available on DSDA)
Baker's Dozen map08 by Eternal
freak4 map08 by Eternal
2fight by Eternal
cchest3 map28 (by RjY) and map29 (by Matt Tropiano)
Most of mlm12 by Win Vanrie. I really got a HR vibe playing this wad, just plain fun run-and-gun gameplay.
slayer by Richard Wiles
Some maps in Da Will by various authors from the B0S clan. Map01, and others I can't remember.

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Ya might wanna try Motornerve out.

It's 21 short simple deathmatch maps with monsters spammed in em. I hope you're not into using the plasma gun or BFG much because it's pretty rare. They aren't slaughter's either, You just have to fight large amounts of monsters coming at you from many directions. But from your post you appear to be one of my target audience.

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Sounds interesting :) I`ll make sure to check it out!

Lots of stuff to check out now, thaks folks :)

Only wad I have tried so far is Shai`tan`s Luck. First few maps where pretty "meh", and I got a mid-nineties feeling, but not in a very good way, hehe. Then out of nowhere those big fuc***g maps pop out! WTH! Since I`m currently at work, I did`nt have the time to try and finish those, so I iddqd`d through most of them, and jesus...
Are there any demos for these maps, ArmouredBlood?

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There might be some demos in this thread (actual dev thread ;) but besides the demos for MAP29 in the miscellaneous demos thread there really isn't all that much for the later maps. If you're stuck on 27 just take the blue key route, it's a bit easier of a final room. Just take your time conquering forts in 28, and 29 is pretty easy to speedrun. 30 ... I've only beaten once with saves, but that was prboom, zdoom should be a little easier. Just keep trying ...

And yeah I made the early maps pretty throwaway, it gets good about 24, although I think 22 was decent.

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Yeah, I`ve tried DV1 and 2. Actually I didn`t like them. I mean, very impressive (!), but...something just did`nt click with me. Some of the maps and areas were fun, but all in all...not for me.

Maybe I`m picky, but thats the way it is, hehe =)

Still haven`t had the time to check out anything more in this thread, but I will soon enough!

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