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Hey, it's Mike. I'm the one that complained about how no one had ported BOOM to Mac. ;-)

I recently found out about Speedmapping, and I couldn't wait to compete on Saturday.

But now that I know that this week's Speedmapping is a "chain" style (work for 25 min. and pass the file to another person, work on another person's file for 25 min. and pass it on, and so on), I can't participate because some people will undoubtedly be doing BOOM maps, which I can't use. :-(

Also, where I live, Speedmapping takes place at midnight and I'll be too tired to make a good map.

Until someone ports prBOOM to Mac, I'm going to be running my own Speedmapping from my web site (resurrection666.8m.com), for only DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM, or Legacy. And yes, I will be participating, but I'll play by the rules. (I know this is unfair, but I am only doing this so I can compete without a copy of BOOM).

Visit my site, and learn about my new Legacy TC, Metal Gear Solid III, too!

By the way, my Speedmapping competition will begin at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time Zone) Saturday. Good luck, if you plan to participate in any Speedmapping comp.

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