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Custom Level - Rangex's Pit

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This is my first (and possibly only, due to time constraints) level created with the help of DoomBuilder. My intention behind building it was to recreate at least some part of the immense fun I had with the Doom series some 15 years ago. Given my meagre experience with the editor, this level might perhaps be considered as a bit crude on detail and decor, but I believe that it contains some fairly ingenious elements notwithstanding - e.g., monsters acting as guard towers, surprising teleport ambushes and fighting fairly large troops of enemies from strategically placed vantage points. Enjoy the experience and let me know your impressions. PS. I set the level as map 09.

Download link: http://cid-bdc4030fdd38e9db.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Publiczny/RANGEX09.wad

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The level started quite promising. I liked the layout I saw, a huge pit with catwalks, towers and buildings. It did not really look beautiful, but interesting. I also liked the way you had to get into the building. But from there, I started to get the feeling that this level is supossed to annoy to player.
A huge, dark, blocky maze with monotounus textures, spectres you can`t see, no health packs and countless switches where you never know what door they open isn`t what I would call fun. And on top of that, an Archvile lurked in there. The tower with all the Barons and Archviles wasn`t that fun neither. I pretty much played the entire level with God Mode. But I have to say, the other parts of the level were okay.

As I already said, I liked the general layout with all those gigantic stairs and catwalks (which for some reason look like funny demonic faces if you look on them on your map), but things like the bad enemy placement and the maze really ruined it for me. Also, why making it MAP09?

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MSPaintR0cks said:

Also, why making it MAP09?

The author probably thought that Map09's music fitted the best with their map.

Not everybody knows how to or wants to change a maps music.

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HOMs everywhere in PrBoom+ (GL mode), I'm guessing because the heights are so high. Works fine in GZDoom. It was a bit too confusing for me, I gave up fast (don't take it as meaning it's bad, I'm just not that great at platformers and puzzles).

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Thank you for your replies and comments so far. With regard to the level of annoyance that the level might cause - I finished it relatively effortlessly when testing for the difficulty, and even though one ought to factor in the informational advantage that the designer possesses, I still do not think that the level is that confusing or challenging. With respect to the maze, spectres can be eliminated without any health losses just by keeping the chainsaw on, health powerups are not that rare, and there are only four switches inside, which I think is hardly "countless", as one of my commentators suggested. But, in any event, as I indicated earlier, I appreciate all of your feedback.

Best wishes,

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