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Bridge problem with DoomBuilder ans GZDoom

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I'm trying to create a bridge in DoomBuilder 2, using GZDoom. I've placed the bridge elements between two pillars, at the right heigth. In 3D view I can see the tiles connecting the two pillars.
The problem is that when I walk off the pillar top, the player falls down like the brige was not there ...
What am I missing?

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Have you tried to do it with 3D floors? Tag the bridge sector, create a dummy sector, tag one like of the dummy sector 160, and set the bridge type to solid, alpha 255. Ceiling height is the floor height of the bridge and floor height is the bottom of the bridge.

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Put the map on files.drdteam.org, give us the download link, and someone may take a look and tell you what's wrong.

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OK, well your map is a little confusing. You have used bridge things and they need to be fixed. However, it looks as if you had also planned to put a true 3D floor in there too because you have a dummy sector built outside the main play area.

If you just want to fix your bridge objects, their height is the problem. They are set to a height of 64 and your plat forms are 128. I think these bridge objects are 8 units thick so set their heights to 120 and it should work.

If you want to create a 3D floor, it's probably easier if I just fix your WAD and upload it so give me a few minutes.



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