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My first map!

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I have played a little of the map, and I gotta say, for a first map, it is pretty good. It has some interesting gameplay ideas.

First off, it is worth always including a txt file with any level you upload. The level includes some extended ZDoom(Doom in Hexen) functions so therefore won't run with Boom ports and especially not with standard Vanilla Doom. You gotta tell people this. If someone downloads this level and loads it up into PrBoom (which many people use) the level will not run. You have mentioned that the level should be played without jumping, but without an archvile jump, there is no way to get the first secret. (Unless this is exactly what you intended.)
-It is not usually recommended to make a level reliant on the player finding secrets. Secrets should usually be considered a bonus, rather than essential.
-linedefs 554, 589 and 594 should be one-sided impassable. (i assume you copy/pasted sector 109)

So yeah, always include a txt file.

On to the level itself, I liked many of the ideas. The architecture was pretty blocky and square, but this is pretty normal for a new mapper. :) The level looks good tho, no obvious texture misalignments, with the exception of where the room at sector 53 meets the corridor at sector 14.(perhaps you could put a 'join' linedef so as the borders on texture ADEL_Q63 don't just stop at that intersection of those two sectors.
- Ammo was pretty scarce, especially in the final fight. (Assuming you didn't grab either of the secrets and don't use the berserk pack to fight your way through.) The first time through, I didn't charge out into the open area around the exit, but hung back in the doorway and fought the monsters from inside the room with the rocket secret. If you do this, you will run out of ammo, and when you walk outside, you will then have to wait for the exit to lower. So perhaps wait for the player to step outside before triggering the final trap. (Make the monsters teleport trigger from a linedef that you step over once you are outside in that final area, not from a shot fired, most likely long before you step outside.)
-Just a minor thing, but the imps in the fire lava pit aren't especially useful down there.
-perhaps you could move sectors 92-95 a little so that they line up with a 32x32 grid, so the floor tiles look neater.

Overall, this level was really good for a first level. I have seen many first levels far worse than this! Keep going with it, you have a solid grasp of the basics, as well as some of the extended functions. Nice work. :)

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Thanks for the helpful tips, and kind attitude! I do apologize about forgetting to mention what port is required, that was careless on my part. I will remember all your points for my next map.

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