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2k3 Platform SDK now required to build with 6.0

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If you build Eternity using the 6.0 project, you will now need to have the Windows 2003 Platform SDK (Feb. 2003 version) installed, due to 6.0's out-of-date header files preventing use of some functions that are even available on Windows 95.

The download for the SDK is here:

However, the provided installer will no longer execute properly if you have upgraded to Internet Explorer 8.0 - the ActiveX applet will commit an illegal access violation and the browser will close it.

Instead you have to go under the hood and install two of the .msi's (the Core SDK and the Common Install files) manually, which simply consists of clicking on them one at a time. This will not allow you to update the SDK on that machine ever again, however, so be aware of that.

Hopefully nobody is still using this thing, though. :)

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