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Invasion Deathmatch V1.5 is here!

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So I created Any level invasion, that allow players to do invasion on any coop level (it won the zdoom mutator contest : http://cutstuff.net/files/mutator/XInvasionX.zip). Shortly after I was challenged to see if I could create the same effect in deathmatch stages. So I figured now would also be a good time to add other features since i'm no longer limited to just text lumps. I give you Invasion deathmatch V1.5, here are the changes from the original.

Changes from past versions
**Code Changes **
* Code completely rewritten for neatness and optimization.
* Mapspots reordered by difficulty rather then a-z
* Monsters will now chase you regardless if your in front of 
them or not.
* All ammo (orginally still in the game) has been removed.
* Health put back into the game and it will respawn every wave.
* Powerups will now respawn each wave with exception of the Automap, Berserk, and Invulnerability(so use it wisely)
* Fixed an error where monsters would "Slide" once the player died, cause graphical errors.
* Fixed spectres not disappearing.
* Added a script to check if there is a lack of monster kills to signify if there maybe monster stuck in the level, 
at which point it will slaughter the remaining monster to continue waves.
* Due to the nature of the monster death(going up in flames) archvile now summons a lesser monster after attacking instead 
of ressurecting.
* Changed all monsters TID to the same so spawned monster will now add to the monsters remaining count.(Even lostsouls will 
up the count)
* Fixed a glitch where you would not be able to pass thru lost souls.
* Invasion annoucer added

**Hud Changes**
* Current Wave Number added
* Current weapon selected now shows on the hud
* Ammo count + ammo icon removed.
* Original status bar left untouched.

**Class Changes **
* Decorate for classes redone the correct way (as player pawns)
* Every Class has there own personal skins so other player can see what class 
you are.
* BuckShot no longer carries a shotgun and now carries just the supershotgun
* Medic no longer carries the chaingun but now carries the shotgun
-New class Chaingunner-
* Chaingunners carry double pistols and a chaingun
All you need to do to play is load this wad up with your favorite deathmatch wad.

The only known bug in this mod is that monster will sometime spawn stuck on walls and platforms, haven't really found a solution for this yet. Also I haven't had much testing so feedback is appreciated.

If your playing and you can't find the remaining monsters in the level, there is a feature that will kill them automatically in after a certain amount of time has passed without killing.


Zdoom Version:

Skulltag Version:

*thanks for the hosting drdteam.


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Philnemba said:

Is this intended for DM maps with monsters cause most DM maps people make don't have any.

AlysiumX said:

that allow players to do invasion on any coop level

Sounds like it was intended for any coop levels.

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