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What are the controls on the 360's port of Ultimate Doom?

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See question, stupid question.

Basically, friend of mine wants to play Ultimate Doom with a gamepad. He's been a console gamer through his entire gaming life, so it's more comfortable for him that way. I think he's a freak for it, but then again I eat my hotdogs with mayo and garlic.
So, we were looking at trying to bind the controls similar to what they are on the 360 Live Arcade Super Special Turbo Hyper Fighting version of Ultimate Doom, but we can't seem to find a description of what the controls are anywhere.

Anyone happen to know what they are?

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left trigger was to be held to run
right trigger was to fire
The A button was use
The b and y buttons were to cycle weapons as where the left and right bumpers the X button i want to say was the map

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