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Converting palettes

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I'm looking to use some realm667 beastiary monsters and items/weapons in a heretic project I'm working on, but I need to convert their palettes from Doom to Heretic. Where can I find tutorials on how to do this and what programs do I need?

Specifically, how is this done with SLumpED

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when i do it, i just export them as png's. then i open them up in photoshop. make them "indexed color" then choosing the pallette i want.

sometimes the colors go abit bad so you might need to tweak the "hud/saturation" a little.

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Usually what I do is use Slumped to export a graphic using the pallete I want, and the graphics I want to use as .bmps, then [omgmspaint] open them with MS Paint, copy the the image I want, and paste it over the image using the pallete I want to have.[/omgmspaint]

That transfers the colors from one pallete to the other;

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Here's how you do it just using SLumpEd and no other software.

Launch SLumpEd, and open the wad you want to get the graphics from.

Select all the graphics you want to convert, right-click, Convert to -> PNG.

With the graphics still selected in the lumps list, ctrl-C to copy them all.

Open the wad you want to put the graphics into.

If your target palette isn't the standard Doom one, you need to have a PLAYPAL lump in your target wad. Put one in there (i.e. if you want to convert to Heretic's palette, steal the PLAYPAL lump from Heretic.wad and put it in your target wad). Then save, and close and reopen your wad so that SLumpEd will recognize the palette change.

Paste the graphics into your wad. They should appear in the lumps list as PNGs. If they don't, either select them one by one or just close and reopen the wad to get SLumpEd to recognize them.

Select the PNGs you just put into your wad, and right-click, Convert to -> Doom Graphic.

That's it! Your graphics are now in the standard Doom patch format (used for textures, sprites, and nearly everything else except flats), in the desired palette.

I probably made it sound complicated, but I was intentionally a bit overly specific. It takes less than 30 seconds to actually do it once you know how.

The methods described in the previous posts here will work, too, but there's no actual need to involve other programs in the conversion unless you want to recolor the sprites in Photoshop or something to make them fit the palette better. And that is way beyond the scope of this post.

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