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Adding new sounds to Hexen pwads

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Doesn't appear to work. I'm working on vanilla, and I'm trying to add a new sound to use in the map. So I imported a new sound lump, of 11025 8bit Doom wave format. I then copied the SNDINFO data from the IWAD (this is no ZDoom, so I have to take the full file) and added an entry, for this sound.

Then when I have an ACS function saying SectorSound("DeepKorax", 127); where DeepKorax is my new sound, nothing is played with vanilla Hexen, and Doomsday Engine 1.8.6 bombs with Segmentation Violation (I don't use the latest beta because it crashed with a BSOD on me during a regular session -- I'm still using WinXP).

Is there a specific caveat or chance to add new sounds to vanilla Hexen mapping?

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No, this doesn't work. In Hexen SNDINFO is just an aliasing wrapper around a sound table that's inside the EXE. All it does is to assign lump names to sound names but the list of sound names cannot be altered.

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