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Yadex & Macintosh OS X v10.6.2

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New here! Me and my friends have been working on DOOM mapping on Apple Macintosh computers. We do graphic and texture work on Mac OS and Doom level editing in boot camp and virtual machines.

I remember reading about Yadex for Linux or other OS's using the X11 window system. Macintosh computers come with this but I do not know the first thing about installing it or running it because I have hardly ever used the X11 system.

Surely someone has done it? If anyone has, could you explain in some detail how to do it or point to links where I might find this info?

Thanks in advance!

~ Bethany

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There are some .deb files floating around which let you install Yadex with a double-click on Debian or Ubuntu. I couldn't get the latest source to compile, though there are some tips on the Yadex FAQ. However if you have little-to-no programming knowledge, I'd say you're probably out of luck.

Besides which, Yadex is ancient and cumbersome and awful to map with, there isn't really much difference between it and any of the old editors like DETH which run in DOSBox. OSX can run Wine can't it? You'd be far better off trying Doom Builder 1 in Wine.

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arrrgh said:

It's possible to get SLADE to compile under Linux and it's a hell of a lot better than Yadex IMO.

Hmm, interesting. Do you mean the version 2? I notice he has a v3 rewrite in progress, but when I compiled the latest SVN, the level editor wasn't functional yet, so it appears to be in its early stages.

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