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Collection of vanilla DOOM wads?

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Gary Karnik's old wadpaks attempt to gather good PWADs for their time. Keep in mind, it *was* 1994:
If you cbf playing through them to find the good ones, TGH, Ryback, Bruno Vergilio and Never Again have done demos of the first three:

Doom Redemption by SlayeR is my favorite Episode 1. Likewise for Espi's Back 2 Basics for Episode 2. Needs More Detail is a great 3-episode mapset, it'll make you feel like you're playing the original maps all over again.

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Never, ever limit yourself to the lists from the cacowards or Doom's birthdays. There are very many great wads which didn't make it there.

If you want ultimate doomy stuff, I recommend Crusades. It has some of the most atmospheric maps I could find for Doom 1. Try to play with vanilla, or any port that doesn't crisp off the sounds, or the graphics, and at night.

Sadly, KDiKDiZD won't be for Ultimate Doom...despite being as such themed, AND vanilla :(

Side edit on the Eternity.wad subject: is it merely coincidence that it shares the filename with the namesake port, and also the now-cancelled TC co-author (Nathrath I recall) was involved in the Eternity 1994 episode wad as well?

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Never_Again said:

Eternity the port being eponymous with Eternity the '94 WAD is a mere coincidence, I think; but what is this TC you mention? Never heard of it.

A TC by Quasar which was basically the reason Eternity the port was made. Eventually Q. grew and found the TC too immature to give it a sense, especially with the source port potential of the engine. One of the co-authors of that Eternity TC seemed to be Holger Nathrath, the same who made Eternity of 1994.

As a remnant, one of the subpages of doomworld.com/eternity is called etcengine.html.

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