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Doom in Hexen format query

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As I rapidly get better with Doom Builder, I find myself able to create decent maps with little effort. I have a small problem with operating Doom in Hexen format: How would I be able to get repeatable switches/doors into this map format like I could in Doom format (i.e. making a lift or a door reusable)?

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It's a linedef flag. Doom format has ten gazillion specials which are preformated (activated this way, can or cannot be repeated, does such effect at such speed) whereas Hexen format has a little number of specials which all can be parameterized through their argument, activation type, and flags so as to offer a much greater flexibility.

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Doom Builder should present you with a series of checkboxes. You know, "impassible", "two-sided", "secret", "block monsters", etc. Those are the flags I was talking about. One of them will be "repeatable action" or something to that effect.

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