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Outpost of DooM II - 100 Reviews

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The site Outpost of DooM II has reached the 100th review. In order to celebrate this event, the site owner Ismaele invited two famous Doomers, Karthik Abhiram and UltimateLorenzo (aka Toranaga) as guest reviewers. Visit the site to read the reviews: http://www.webalice.it/sposito.lag/

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I didn't reviewd D2Reload. I was a guest on Ismaele's site and i reviewed "Oniria 2".

The wad D2Reload was reviewed by Ismaele himself.

Perhaps he will answer soon to your questions.


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Hi Never-Again, I am sorry to answer so late!
Yes, I played "DooM 2 Reloaded" in HMP, as you may have understood by reading my review. Unfortunately I hadn't time to play it again on UV, as I would have liked. Nevertheless I think that the MegaWAD is quite easy on HMP, if you play levels sequentially: as I wrote in my review, health and ammo are always abundant. I died only in few levels!
I suppose it gets hard, if you play every level from pistol start, because, as I wrote in my review, you get SSG and other powerful weapons quite late, whereas tough monsters appear quite soon!
Of course the .WAD must get harder on UV, otherwise... what's the purpose of skill levels? I am glad to know that other players found it hard on UV - if they had found it easy on UV, then the author would have failed! I think that this means that my review is quite correct, since I suggested "UV to average players, if they want a real challenge; skilled and seasoned player may want to try beating UV-max par times or finsihing levels in UV-speed gamestyle".

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