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Fun with WhackED/DeHackEd.

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This is pretty much what happens when I get bored with WhackEd.
This patch merely replaces the victory text on E1, so there's no point in asking for a download.

Post whatever other stuff you can come up with.

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I tried to make a "nuke" once by making the rocket explosion have the pain elemental death codepointer, and making lost souls into explosions, which also had the pain elemental death codepointer. Except the mass of explosions was so dense the game crashed. So i then made them turn into tree stumps after exploding, so that the explosions were blocked from "going back on themselves" and had to "travel forwards" or not be spawned. This was a bit better but comically filled rooms with tree stumps, which hovered in the air where they were spawned. So i then made them vanish after a short time.

There was a few other disadvantages, apart from a room full of tree stumps rendering you immobile temporarily. First the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind were immune to explosions, so the nuke didn't kill them and they could kick your immobile ass. Also of course cyberdemons created nuclear blasts and treestumps everywhere themselves, which was funny initially but quickly became annoying. Of course God Mode was a must otherwise the wall of explosions would kill you.

Also the huge amount of tree stumps and explosions would often crash the game anyway. Especially on levels with lots of lost souls/pain elementals, as they would "go nuclear" when woken up.

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I've always wondered how to do a player-detecting barrel that would detonate at about 16 pixels away.

EDIT: I also modded the monsters so the smaller monsters are faster and the big monsters have higher HP.

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