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ZDoom - sound related questions

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Now I'd like to add some sounds to my map. Just to start, I've made some trials adding a Sound Thing in a sector, but without any luck.
I've also tried 140:Sector_ChangeSound (tag, newsequence)... but I don't understand what a "newsequence" is, nor where it's located.
Can anyone explain to me how can I play a sound (a pistol shot, for example) when the player acts on a switch?

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Sector_ChangeSound changes the sound sequence attached to a sector. This is not what you want.

If you just want a special sound to be played when a switch is triggered, you should make the switch use the ACS Execute function to make it run a script, and in this script, you'll use a function such as SectorSound or ThingSound.

Alternatively, you may make a switch texture unique to this place (just the name needs to be different) and give it a sound in ANIMDEFS. It's a hacky method, unless you actually want to change the "switch activated" sound of course.

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