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Turning 3D Models into Sprites: Who deserves the credits?

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Well, for about 4 years I played warcraft 3. The Wc3 communities are large, and have lots of user custom made 3D models.

With a .mdx viewer, I can see those models, take screenshoots, isolate, and make sprites for them, but here comes the question:

I must credit the guy who made the model, or take the credits for myself? Or in the decorate, put a comment that says: "Sprites by xxxxx, taken from a 3D model originaly made by xxxxxx"

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If your sprites are just direct rips of the models, it's a bit presumptuous to try taking credit for yourself.

If you've made some modifications to them yourself after turning them into sprites, though, give some credit to yourself, i.e. for what you've actually done, but acknowledge that the original model isn't yours and that [insert name here] created it.

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Credits go to the maker of the model... of course.

and a "ripped by xxx" goes to you... but make sure to use a small font...

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Having ripped sprites from models myself, and created DECORATE definitions for their behavior, I realize there is a lot of work involved in the task. However, the original work was created by someone else, and it is being used virtually "as is". Therefore, credit for the original belongs to the creator of the model, and credit for "adapting" it belongs to you. (Assuming, of course, that you have the necessary permissions to modify someone else's work. But that's a completely different issue.)

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