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Ending a level via monster death

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I just found this neat trick:


But I'm a bit (ok, a lot) of a retard with dehacked, and even more so with WhackEd2. When I changed the Cyberdemon's death state to the boss-brain's death state, it worked in ending the level, but not in the manner that I had hoped. The level-end-screen triggered immediately upon the Cyberdemon's death, as opposed to the end of its death animation.

I'm guessing I have to do some fiddling with animation frames and such? Never messed with any of that before...

Or does this method of forced-level-end only work at the moment of the monster's death (feels so awkward as to be completely unusable)?

Edit: Oh, and I'm shooting for at least Boom level of compatability, so not interested in zdoom/etc. tricks ;-P

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You should apply the final boss code pointer the cyberdemon's boss trigger frame, which is 700, instead of the dead mode frame (696.) In addition, you can also extend the duration of the preceding frame 699 to a longer period you consider suitable, if you want some time after its death sequence completes. The penultimate frame, which looks just like the final frame with the trigger (both use subsprite 15) normally lasts 30 tics, which is less than a second.

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