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Problems to do Teleports in Doom - hexen [New Question]

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I having some problem to do Teleports that works in my wad/map.
Doom in Hexen format
Doors etc is no problem (yet) i just swapped from Doom2 to Doom in Hexen format some days ago.


(Just changed textures )

The first trap Work's but when the teleport should be working the chain-gunner just walk over the line numeros of times and don't teleports.

if i highlight the lines it saw it should work but i maybe have missed something?

See Question Below


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You don't have a teleport landing in your map. That's the main problem. You need one of those otherwise Zdoom doesn't know where to teleport the monster to.

Also, your line arguments are odd. The simplest way to do teleports in Hexen mode is to give the line a first argument that ties in with a tid for the teleport landing. eg, set the first argument of the line to 1 and give the teleport landing a tid of 1. Currently your line has a forst argument of 71 and it also has a sector tag (also of 71) specified and that isn't necessary. You can do teleports by sector tags much like the old Doom method but the tid method is neater IMO.

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Thanks that helped :)

Now a simulare question.

What i wants is when i press a button and then a monster will be teleported in to the sector.
How does i do that the best way to do it?

Should i Use PassTrhu?


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