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I know this question has probably already been answered in another thread, but I'm very new here and the UI mystifies me. Feel free to belittle and chastise me.

Anyway, I was wondering - what are some tips to make Deus Vult II run at a decent framerate? MAP03 and beyond cripple my FPS.

I've read through the entire readme accompanying the .WAD (geez, the guy's basically recanting his life story in that thing) and tried GZDoom, but the automap won't render like ZDoom. Is there any way to fix that?

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Actually it's precisely map03 that got me to stop playing it after that point. It did the same on an older computer, this computer can handle it much better but I keep getting my ass whooped by revenants camping behind shrubs.

Also it causes this:

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The first suggestion is to try lowing the resolution and turn off any filtering.

Second suggestion is to try PrBoom-Plus. The automap will be different but you should get better performance with it as it has fast software rendering and GLBoom-Plus (in the same zip file) has fast openGL rendering.

Try with a low resolution like 640x480 or even 320x240 and if it looks too blurry or your system wont even go lower then 640x480 like my vista machine then use the pixel doubling Screen Multiply option buried a few pages back in the general settings menu.

For instance, in the config

screen_resolution "320x240"


render_screen_multiply 2

Will display the game as 320x240 in a 640x480 screen resolution allowing for nearly max performance and a sharper (still pixelated) image.

Hope that helps.

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