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Automatic sector combiner plugin?

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I want to try something with one of my maps in the off chance that I can get some extra speed out of it. But to do it I need an automaton plugin or something that will allow me to merge/collapse/combine/join all sectors that have the exact same values in a map. Preferably from a selection. And the program automatically merge the sectors that match each other.

Anyway. Is there any such plugin? Or maybe an editor that already got it as a feature? If not. Could someone slap one together for me?
I'd do it myself, but unless DB2 allows plugins made with Fraggle script. I'm fresh out of luck.

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No there is no such plugin as far as I know. And for good reason. If your sectors with the same properties are not adjacent to each other, you may be messing up your map by joining/merging them. Sound from anywhere would travel across the entire map, so your first shot would wake up ALL monsters in the map. Also the reject table could become very inefficient. So even if you could do this, I don't think you would gain any performance at all anyway.

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Why do people keep pointing out that to me? Like I wouldn't be aware of the technicalities.
But OK, since there's no way to do it automatically. I'll just let it be and people will just have to suffer the slowdowns. It's true that it's quite possible that it wouldn't help anyway. But then at least I had tried.

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