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Making original Doom 1/2 compatible MIDI?

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Hey again, is there anyone here who could recommend a way to convert audio tracks to the MIDI supported by Doom/Doom 2?

I'm not looking for MUS, but the MIDI format supported by the later revisions.

I'm aware from some Google searching that there are no general converters for this, so I was hoping someone give give me a heads up on how to create MIDI notation sheets compatible with Doom 1/2.

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I'm not a MIDI composer, but two things that are important is keeping it as a "type 1" MIDI format file, and not making it too big. It should be able to convert to a MUS file of 64 KB or less. MIDIs, before conversion, tend to be a bit bigger than MUS files, so a file of up to 70 something KB will probably work. After that, the only surefire way of testing that I know is putting the MIDI in a WAD and running the game, or passing the MIDI through a midi2mus app.

That is, the original executable supports MIDI files, yet those files need to be MUS compatible or translatable to work.

The Comparison of MIDI standards article on the Wikipedia might be of help, considering DOOM was released in '93. I'm guessing the engine uses GM specs. The Roland was used back then and was even the card the composer used, but he made the music so that it could play well on most competent sound cards of the day. Level 2 stuff should certainly cause problems.

Edit: Ah, I was forgetting... Looking at the MUS specs might make things even clearer. The author of the specs made a MUS player, and it's library contains full sources, which might clarify any technical details.

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Thanks for the info, but it all looks over my head... Or at least over my available time. I wish I knew how those guys did thoe music conversions wads back in the day, with MIDI track versions of Metallica, Megadeath, or Ozzy.

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Some newer MIDI composing tools, I guess, might apply some newer MIDI features that could cause problems.

The relatively recent Plutonia 2, for example, was made for the original executable, and all the MIDIs submitted for it work fine. The PL2 composers, and other MIDI composers for DOOM add-ons, hang out around here, so I bet they'll likely be able to note what tools they used, or what settings they applied to produce compatible MIDIs.

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