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New House wad.

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I am working on this map for Doom2-Zdoom using my evil.wad textures. It is a house map that I made showing the type of huge house I would love to live in that happens to be infested with about 1000 monsters. But you have remotely controlled the Cyberdemons using software from the UAC intraweb and now they fight for you, while you explore the house. I am not sure how to make this into a really playble map, I just wanted to experiment with Zdoom and see what sort of house I wanted to come up with.


Doom2 MAP01 in Zdoom format.

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Krispavera said:

You're gonna keep dead bodies in your closet?

I think they're supposed to be dead hookers. It seems he still has a lot to learn about corpse disposal.

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Came expecting a wad about everybody's favorite misanthropic doctor.

Left disappointed.

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Anybody else get a nasty virus immediately after playing this wad?

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1.This sucks,it feels like you just drew up a bunch of sectors and didn't put much thought into it at all

2.I got multiple red triangles of failure

3.Wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much open space

Tips for the future

1.Start downloading some of the bad or mediokere wads from the new stuff cronicles,this shows you what went wrong with that wad and how you can prevent it in yours

2.Use doom and other textures packs,I notice that most people releasing their first wad stick to the bare nessesities

3.If you want to add features like deep water or slopes,post a thread on the editing section asking how,someone might respond and give you the pointers on how to do it

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