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MD2 models

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I have (finally) ventured into the world of 3D models, currently fiddling around on a Doom hi-res/enhancement mod (for EDGE, since it supports MD2's now). Is there someone who can tell me where i can find some good-looking MD2 models for Doom? I have ones for all the monsters, they look ok but could be better but the ones i have found so far for the weapons look terrible. I've played Quake 2 many times, i still have it on CD and know that MD2 models can be done better.

In fact, in my many attempts in searching the net for MD2 models i have come up almost empty handed every time. Where are the MD2 models?

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Well, if you haven't checked out Sitter's site, then do so. Google Sitters MD2. There are quite a few md2/md3 models there, plus his mods all have good weapon models.

Look at Planet Quake 2, there's a bunch of old Q2 mods that have some really useful models in them.

FPSBanana is a good resource for models in general, if converting MD2 files to another format isn't all too hard.

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The main issue with models for things in Doom is that the speed many Doom things go through their animations is considerably faster than the motion would really be performed in real life.

Hence models generally have much less "dramatic" animations than the sprites simply so that the model can have a smooth animation that doesn't look stupidly fast.

Theres also those classic issue's that Doom has a whole load more monsters on screen than say Quake 2 and that the Doom models out there are fairly old (by comparassion the Heretic models out there are considerably newer).

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