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Help with editing values.

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I was wondering if it was possible to edit values in doom. Values such as, weapon damage dealt by the player, as well as enemy damge, health and such. Thanks!

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Sorry for the double post.....

Now I was wondering, how do I apply these files to a wad?

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You mean in the script editor? I don't see that option anywhere..........please help someone :(

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Swec said:

I think you can use DB2 and just 'save in Wad'

Not so, unless someone develops a plug-in for it.

As Codeimp has specified many a times, Doombuilder or Doombuilder2 is meant to be a tool for the creation of maps, not a lump editing tool.

To insert the de/whacked files into a wad, use a tool such as XWE or SlumpEd or Deepsea.

With XWE, at the end of the lump list make a new entry named
DEHACKED. Hilite DEHACKED and paste the contents of the deh file there. Then click Script on the toolbar and then save.

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