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Freedoom info is outdated

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In the first thread "Freedoom Info"

Under the heading "What maps need work or are missing"
It points to an old thread with really outdated information.

In the daily builds.
What are the downloads doom1.wad and doom2.wad ??
Are they copies of shareware, or something that Freedoom created ??

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Map thread updated. Was only off by one map I think.

Doom1.wad is a Freedoom demo/shareware. Just a small download, not really useful.
Doom2.wad is Freedoom main iwad.

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OK, as long as it is not dead and forgotten.

I noticed first that it does not mention MAP09 or MAP13 (which I am working on), and secondly that the thread is from Dec 10, 2008.

I see you have been updating the post.
I think there is another official listing in GIT of who works on what map.

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