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Using this program or trying to.
How do I just add a patch? BMP file? I try, and I can't get it to add the patch (doom2 paletted BMP) to the PNames list.

This program is seriously lacking documentation.

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SLumpEd can handle a number of different graphic formats. I generally work with PNG but it'll take BMPs, too.

Import the graphic ("New from File" in the Lump menu will import as a new lump, while "Import" will replace the currently-selected lump), right-click on it, and Convert to -> Doom Graphic, to convert it to patch format. Then right-click and Add to TEXTURE1, which will create a new single-patch texture with the same name as the patch, automatically adding the patch to PNAMES in the process.

(Optionally, if you only want to use the patch in multipatch textures, you could just Add to PNAMES and add it to the textures you want manually.)

Your new patches and textures will be added to the end of the patch/texture lists, rather than in alphabetical order or whatever, so if you can't find them you might be looking in the wrong part of the list. Just a guess.

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That's the problem, I've tried to right-click and add to pnames, and that menu option for the GFX (icon) thing doesn't show up. I'll try again, incase I'm totally drinking Drano on this one.

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Ok. It was a little bit of drano and a little bit of just documentation.

I have it figured out, now...

GFX to me is a very specifc type of object/lump in a doom wad. I was seeing P for patch, and figured I shouldn't convert my texture to a GFX. I wanted it to be a Patch! Sigh.

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There are only two types of graphic formats in Doom: flats and graphics. Patches, sprites, HUD and menu elements all use the graphics format.

Whether things are patches or not is determined by whether they're between P_ markers.

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