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Anima Zero

Claustrophobia 1024 2 Demos Thread [-complevel 9]

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I finished all maps of this wad in youtube, so I posted the lmps.
A demo pattern here.

demo_patternxxxx          "Claustrophobia 1024 2/((4c[0-3]\d.\d\d\d)|(4c[0-3]\d.+)|(\d\d\d\d4c\d\d)|(1024cla2.+))\.lmp/doom2.wad|1024cla2.wad"
Add it above "Default" patterns in prboom-plus's or glboom-plus's config.

Map 16 UV-Max in 4:24
Map 17 UV-Max in 4:16
Map 18 UV-Max in 1:35
Map 19 UV-Max in 4:00
Map 20 UV-Max in 3:51
Map 21 UV-Max in 4:39
Map 22 UV-Max in 3:24
Map 23 UV-Max in 5:15
Map 24 UV-Max in 2:38
Map 25 UV-Max in 3:35
Map 26 UV-Max in 3:46
Map 27 UV-Max in 5:39
Map 28 UV-Max in 4:46
Map 29 UV-Max in 6:59

The rest of them is coming soon.


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Any chance for map 29 max?
[And also the remaining eternal tysons...] ;)

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Yeah yeah now that I got featured as an outtake of outtakes in cacowards, I'm obligated to finish them.


map 11 max 2:43


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