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Crit my level?

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So I'm working on a couple levels.

Just started yesterday so I know i'm a bit of a noob at this.

I was hoping to get some kind of feedback from what you think I should add or maybe some positive or negative feedback on it so far.

I'll check yours out if you got one.

No it's not spam or a virus http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4SG59GO7

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First, post new wads in the wads/mods section. DB is pretty scarce except for people actually working on it and people with problems, or random people like me who check every section.

Second, since you posted in this section I assume you're using DB. You'll notice when you first make a new map it'll ask what format and resources you want to map in/with. Please post which one(s) you did, otherwise people will play your map with the wrong format and/or wads loaded(i.e., I actually expected something to comment on so I did a first attempt demo in prboom+ with plain doom2. The map HoMed to heck since prboom doesn't have placeholder textures afaik).

Third, and actually about the map, please consider what you're mapping and PLAYTEST IT. If it looks and plays like crap to you it probably will to others. Not to say everyone else's first thing they mapped looked different (if they didn't follow a tutorial and just jumped in at least). Try recreating a map that you really liked playing first, one of the original doom/2 maps work best as they're pretty simple layouts with no excessive details like modern maps.

I won't comment on the map otherwise, it's basically big rooms with really thick doors with textures missing and filled with monsters. Don't discouraged though, just keep playing maps, mapping, and POSTING those maps (in wads/mods ;P), you'll figure out how to make fun and cool looking maps soon enough.

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That level was shit, I mean look at any other levels and you will see what I mean.

Sorry, but it just was. Huge rooms with completely clashing tiles... does Doom or Doom II look like that at all? No.

Keep mapping, get better...etc. Everyone was at your point at, well... one point.

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lmao Yeah I know.

Though keep in mind it was like the first map I tweaked.

Theres some cool secrets in it though. That lead to some strange rooms.

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I haven't looked at it yet, but I would advise all new mappers to NOT publish their first few experiments. Crappy experimentation is a good thing; it helps you learn. But it should stay private. When a level is right for publishing, you'll know.

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I don't agree with that. People publish their levels when they send them to the archive to stay, not when they post a beta. In fact, people instead often end up editing based on screen shot or word advice. If anything, that should be discouraged, at least for people who don't have beta testers backing them. Had some newb maps been given more exposure, there would be less need for bashing reviews and time wasting downloads at idgames. Screen-shot-only critiques help make maps that may have okay looks in some respects but mediocre layouts or thing placement. Using these forums as a public testing area is certainly welcome, and just offering the level publicly usually brings more feedback than fishing for private or dedicated testers. Sometimes, issues can be caught even at the earlier stages of mapping, and it's much easier to see them if one has the level to play.

That said, the level does look like junk, but at least is somewhat fun. Keep the same idea, add some height variation and a bit more connectivity between the areas, learn to use skies and start honing the looks and you might have something.

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