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The Man with No Name

How Do I Create a Player Sprite Model?

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Hi boys...

I want to create a custom sprite to me, but i have no idea of how to do this. I only things i know about this things are that it needs to be in bitmap format, the eight directions and the mirrored sprites...

Can someone help me?

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The process of creating actor (player/monster) sprites has been documented numerous times
here on the doonworld and the zdoom forums, by some dedicated people.
While a search through both forums is labor intensive, it is also instructional.

For inspiration you could visit the resources thread on the zdoom forum
or the Realm667 Beastiary

Then, of course, there is the DECORATE aspect for new actors. For this have a look here
or in the ZDoom Wiki.

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The Man with No Name said:

Ah thanks.

But why are these things in the download section instead of editing section?

I assume that you are referring to the actors in the BEASTIARY when you mention these things.

Well, they are finished actors and my reason for linking to them was simply for you to go ahead and
download some of them. Then you would load the wad file into XWE and reverse engineer it, to find out
what makes it tick. You would find out how the rotations are sprited and how the behavior of the actor is set
up with DECORATE. This is a sure fire way to find out how to make actors, whatever they may be, players,
monsters, weapons, decorations etc.

Once you know what the sprites are doing, then fire up your graphics program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro,
Gimp, Paint.net, Paint, whatever you use) and start spriting your own actors. And as I said, DECORATE is another
aspect of actors.

further links:

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When i said these things i wanted to mean:

The process of creating actor (player/monster) sprites has been documented numerous times
here on the doo
nworld and the zdoom forums documented on the download section.

As a process of creating, i assume that you are referring about an editing process, not downloads.

Whatever, thanks for the links and specialy for the patience.

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