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Master Levels for DOOM II/Maximum Doom?

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Are these worth playing? I've had them since I bought the Depths of DOOM trilogy oh so long ago, but I've not actually played them yet.

Worth playing or not really?

Oh, and while I'm at it, are the D! Zone levels any good? I just found my dad's old copy of that, too...

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Most D! Zone levels that are any good are in /igames.

We had a thread on the Master Levels relatively recently. Most of our opinions are already there:


They're not bad, but they aren't super awesome. They might be worth getting simply because they were published officially. That is, their "official status" exposes them to attention and makes us curious about them. The only way to really quench that curiosity is by getting them.

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If you use ZDoom, I recommend to go through the steps needed to use the Master Levels with this mod.

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