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Hell Knight BUG

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Some of the existing Hell Knight graphics are reversed left-right.
The knight will appear to walk backwards at times.
This is hard to see many times but I have verified it in a test wad.
The Baron does not have this problem and is using a different stepping

Some of the sprite files for the right side of the first step are drawn from the left side instead. These can be flipped, but it also works to rename them so they are displayed flipped.

rename BOS2A6C4 BOS2C4A6
rename BOS2A7C3 BOS2C3A7
rename BOS2A8C2 BOS2C2A8
rename BOS2B6D4 BOS2D4B6
rename BOS2B7D3 BOS2D3B7
rename BOS2B8D2 BOS2D2B8

-- fixed wadinfo

# DeuTex 4.4.0 by Olivier Montanuy
# PWAD creation directives

# List of Sprites
BOS2A1C1 19 69
BOS2A2C8 20 68
BOS2A3C7 26 66
BOS2A4C6 22 64
BOS2A5C5 19 65
BOS2C4A6 21 64
BOS2C3A7 25 66
BOS2C2A8 24 69
BOS2B1D1 23 72
BOS2B2D8 21 70
BOS2B3D7 19 69
BOS2B4D6 24 67
BOS2B5D5 24 66
BOS2D4B6 18 66
BOS2D3B7 21 69
BOS2D2B8 21 71
BOS2E1 30 65
BOS2E2 12 67
BOS2E3 30 62
BOS2E4 27 63
BOS2E5 28 69
BOS2E6 22 73
BOS2E7 20 73
BOS2E8 30 74
BOS2F1 34 65
BOS2F2 29 65
BOS2F3 29 64
BOS2F4 30 64
BOS2F5 28 62
BOS2F6 29 63
BOS2F7 21 64
BOS2F8 26 65
BOS2G1 14 59
BOS2G2 29 59
BOS2G3 26 58
BOS2G4 25 56
BOS2G5 30 55
BOS2G6 24 55
BOS2G7 22 57
BOS2G8 28 56
BOS2H1 23 69
BOS2H2 26 68
BOS2H3 25 67
BOS2H4 26 64
BOS2H5 22 62
BOS2H6 15 62
BOS2H7 17 66
BOS2H8 18 68
BOS2I0 34 79
BOS2J0 34 79
BOS2K0 34 79
BOS2L0 34 79
BOS2M0 34 79
BOS2N0 34 79
BOS2O0 34 79

# End of extraction

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Someone should verify this, and then someone who assembles sprites should just fix it. I tested the renaming and it does look much better.

I currently am unable to submit so I cannot send you my bos2.wad.

I have been working on a spiderdemon but it looks like a mexican bandit on a swollen tick right now.
I still have not gotten him into a wad as I am still learning these tools.

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Apologies for hijacking the thread, but Catoptromancy, could you please check your PMs?

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wesleyjohnson said:

I have been working on a spiderdemon but it looks like a mexican bandit on a swollen tick right now.

I would love to see an image of this.

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wesleyjohnson said:

Cannot get the ppm images into a post.

pnmtopng file.ppm > file.png

Or just load ppm with Gimp and save as png.

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This forum will not let me paste a graphic, the paste just stays grayed out. I loaded the images to speedyshare.

Spiderdemon (mexican bandit on a swollen tick)


Spiderdemon, Latest version (only have a front view)


From experiments, the machine gun must be at that height and position, which forces it to be on top of the body.
I am considering giving him four legs and four matching arms, or
six legs and six arms, as it would look better.

Changed arms,


Speedyshare links are going bad (on their own). The swollen tick and v2 files are already gone.
We need the incoming site to come back online.

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