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Assassin's Creed 2 (No Spoilers)

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So,I just finished playing through assassin's creed 2 and thought i might give a solid review on it

I played number 1 for about twenty minutes got bored and never touched it again,I didn't feel any interest in the main character and the tease at the begining of it pissed me off.

The sequel is based in the renasaunce period 1478-1499,the storyline was quite interesting and managed to stay suspenseful throughout the whole thing,you;ll never feel a moment throughout the story where it gets bland or dull,this time around you play as ezio,a character who i found to be much more interesting,you follow his tail of stalking down the person who framed your family and murdered your father and two brothers(who dies 30 minutes into the game) durring the game you transform from a teenager to an assassin.the twists in the story were great,especially in the end,their is also more involvement with desmond the character in the games present timeline.

The gameplay is similar to number one but different,their is one steal mission in the main questline and its quite easy,most missions consist of escorting this person making sure they don't die or listening on that conversation,going their and not being detected while you do it or kill that person,all whitch are quite fun,but near the end of the game they repeat and can get borring.

The sceinery in the game is amazing,much like number one but better,their's more colour to the enviroment and more things to interact with

The controls are easy to get used to,but take a little bit of time to master,after a couple of fights with the guards and some time jumping across rooftops you'll perfect them,the crouch is completely gone,this adds a shitload more of action to the game

Other than coming back and doing the extra quests and collecting the feathers and completing the truth clip,their really isn't anything pulling me back to play this again,I might try out the extra quests sometime.

Altogether it was a great game and its worth the retail price

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I really enjoyed AC2 (So much I went and bought the first game plus the PSP version, though neither of those I feel are any good). The ending I felt was a bit rushed and rather wtf.

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