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PrBoom+ TAS question (-recordfromto, -skipsec)

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I just started trying TAS and I want to record from a specific point in my demo. I did a search on the topic and it seems I should use the "-recordfromto [olddemoname] [newdemoname]" argument, with "-skipsec X", X being whichever second I want to skip to, and I should NOT use "-warp X" or "-skill 4". If something in there isn't correct, please feel free to point it out. :)

So I'm doing just that (or so I think). My PrBoom+ shortcut looks like this : "D:\Games\Doom\PrBoom+\glboom-plus.exe" -longtics -complevel 9 -file Phmlspd.wad -recordfromto Ok Oka -skipsec 36.

Ok.lmp being the demo I want to record from, Oka.lmp being the demo I want to record to.

Well, rather than letting me start at second 36 of Ok.lmp, that demo starts replaying there and once it's over I get to control the doomguy. Which, obviously, doesn't help me a whole lot !

I've also tried setting the shortcut without -longtics and -complevel 9, unfortunately with the same result.

Help this newbie please. :)

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I'll leave the TAS specifics to a TAS expert, but the longtics parameter only works along with compatibility levels 2 to 4 (Doom compatibility.) Using compatibility levels 17 or -1 (these two are currently equivalent) should also give longtics behavior, according to the PrBoom change log, but it sucks to use that because it makes behavior depend on all the separate MBF-derived compatibility settings.

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